Native American Flute Playing

Playing the Native American Flute is easy, right? Well it actually is! This beautifully haunting instrument is one of the easiest instruments in the whole world to learn how to play.

Today, the Native American Flute, specifically the North American Indian Flute, is being played along with orchestras, in rock bands, blues and jazz bands and even along with some of its "world instruments" cousins. People are using this flute for meditation, healing and even breathing therapy. With all of these people playing the flute, of course they each began learning in their own way at their own speed and likewise, we offer videos and instruction to help anyone at any skill level to learn to play the Native American Flute!

Below you will find a few of our videos on how to play the Native American Flute, and for more please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: BlueBearFlutes!

Check Out These Native American Flute Playing Videos:

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