The Quena and Quenachos are some of the oldest flutes of the Americas with historical examples of similar flutes in North, Central and South America! They are wonderful instrument to accompany or solo with and are quite versatile! Unlike our other Native American Flutes, our contemporary Quena is in the key of G Major while the Quenacho is in Low D Major and like all of our other flutes they can also be played chromatically. They play about one and a half octaves with practice and although these flutes are quite simple in construction, they can be very challenging to play for a first time flutist! After learning the embrochure required to make your "first sound" the rest is easy! The Quenacho being the lower tone version of a Quena, has quite a stretch for the fingerings and requires a little more air to play which makes it even a little more chalenging! I've been making Quenas and Quenachos for as long as I have been making other flutes and very much love their sweet music, too! In an effort to keep everything natural, we offer a sunflower oil and beeswax finish on our flutes (more about our finish on our "INFO" page). Each include playing instructions and free domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info.
Quena - key of G Major only $75 including free domestic and cheap international shipping!

Quenacho - key of D Major only $110 including free domestic and cheap international shipping!

Quena and Quenacho

  • Our Quenas and Quenachos are made of the same River Cane we use for other flutes. River Cane requires regular oiling/waxing and care to protect it from cracking so don't forget to add a container of our Imitation Bear Fat/Flute Wax to help care for your flute and a flute bag to protect it from the elements! Also, check out our Info page for sound samples, fingering charts and other helpful information!

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