These are our highest quality "Performance Inspired" Native American Flutes! I know you will fall in love with them as we have here at Blue Bear Flutes. This assortment of Native American Flutes are made from an unusual material: Thermally Treated Poplar. Thermally Treated Poplar is made from one of the most common hardwoods in the United States. The manufacturer of this wood places it (in lumber form) into a special type of kiln and removes the moisture from the wood, then heats the wood beyond its usual combustion point leaving it with a very unique color and quite a few other excellent properties for making flutes! The wood is moisture resistant, impervious to insects and bacteria and has a raised tensile strength. This is all done without chemicals and leaves our flutes made from it with a natural luster and shine like no others! I like to say that flutes made from this wood are very "Rich, Smooth and Creamy Like Chocolate" in both sound and appearance! There is one thing in addition to the great beauty and sound of these instruments, due to the heating process, they smell like roasted coffee or cacao (chocolate beans)! The smell dissipates over time and is part of the reason that we use a non-thermally-treated piece of poplar at the mouthpiece. This is better for a number of reasons and looks great, too! It has quickly become one of my favorite woods to make Native American Flutes from and I'm very picky about that!


The keys and types of flutes made of thermally treated poplar are below and can all be ordered on this page! Please read everything and ask any question you may have prior to purchase! These Native American Flutes come with optional tuning in the key of High Tone D, C, B and Mid Tone A, G, F# as well as Low Tone E, D or traditionally tuned (which basically means tuned by ear with no particular scale in mind - the same way the old ones did, and near the key of mid tone A). We also offer optional 432hz or 528hz tuning rather than 440hz for our keyed flutes upon request! (just leave a message in your order if you prefer other than concert tuned to 440hz). In an effort to keep everything natural, we offer a sunflower oil and beeswax finish on our flutes (more about our finish on our "INFO" page). Each include playing instructions and free domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info. Please message us if you need more info!
Sound samples available soon!


$99 Key of High D
$109 Key of High C
$119 Key of High B
$119 - Traditionally Tuned
$129 Key of A
$145 Key of G
$155 Key of F#
$179 Key of E
$199 Key of D

Drone Flutes:

$120 Pocket Drone D High Tone

$130 Pocket Drone C High Tone

$140 Pocket Drone B High Tone

$199 Standard Drone A Medium Tone

$230 Standard Drone G Medium Tone

$250 Standard Drone F# Medium Tone

Performance Native American Flutes

  • Thermally Treated Poplar is a wonderful hard wood for making Native American Flutes and is easy to care for. These flutes are usually between 12 and 24 inches (30-60cm) long. Size is determined by the key of the flute ordered - smaller flutes are higher in tone and larger are lower. Don't forget to add a container of our Imitation Bear Fat/Flute Wax to care for your flute and a flute bag to help protect it from the elements! Also, check out our Info page for sound samples, fingering charts and other helpful information!

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