Blue Bear Flutes

 Why we love what we do

Mato-Toyela literally means "Bear-Blue" or Blue-Bear as we say these days and it is our family name. Our name reflects not only what we do, but also who we are and defines our place in the world. In times immemorial someone's name was everything, it meant where they were from, who their family was and what they did in life. As it is with our name, it is exactly that. The bear is a medicine animal to most Native American People that signifies healing and understanding of the use of medicinal plants around us. The word "toyela" contains in it the siouan word "tō" which means blue, but actually in this respect means a color of the medicine wheel which is the inward projected spiritual direction but is also the direction outward to the powers of the universe. Charlie's family is Lakota/Ojibwae and Kuna from his mother's family and he is an enrolled Cherokee from his father's. Jessie's family is P'urepecha and she also an enrolled Cherokee.

Blue Bear Flutes Symbol