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Native instruments including Eagle Whistles, Jaguar Whistles, Bird Whistles, Flute and Flute Accessories as well as Flute Music are all available here! Upon request we will tune our keyed flutes to 440-A, 444-A (528-C) and 432hz at no additional charge. They come concert tuned to 440hz unless otherwise requested. This option does not include our traditionally tuned flutes (they are tuned by ear). Please be certain to read (and watch our video) about what a Traditionally Tuned Flute is.

​Looking for 24" long key of Low D Flutes as well as our 22" long key of E Flutes! They are available in Western Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar as well as Pine! No less Amazing are our Low Bass A and B Native American Flutes available in 5 hole Eastern and Western Cedar! Choose the wood you're interested in and find the key. Check them out!

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