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Blue Bear Flutes

Blue Bear Flutes

If You Are Looking For Native American Flutes For Beginners, Start Here!

The Native American Flute itself is an excellent instrument for beginners! It is one of the easiest instruments to learn and here are a few things you want to consider when you are a beginner to the flute: Price, Quality, Practicality and Ease of Playing. An explanation of these features and their benefits are below as well as my recommendations of a few of our flutes.

Native American Flute Prices:

The cost of a Native American Flute can range from not so much to quite a lot. How much you pay is truly up to you! If you are looking for some exotic wood, a flute which has been hollowed out with a boring machine or one which looks more like a piece of furniture, rather than an instrument that is more closely related to the original instruments you may pay quite a lot. On the other side of the spectrum, you can find inexpensive flutes which look as if they come out of a factory where carving thousands of similar animal totems is daily routine and you can imagine how much love goes into them. Our flutes are hand crafted with the utmost respect and consideration for the way they were originally made as well as how they will be played today. With this in mind, our Native American Family owned business also make some of the most economical flutes today.

Native American Flute Quality:

Quality is always of concern when buying or trying anything new and the quality of Native American Flutes for beginners is no less as important either. Its true that discerning quality can be difficult when looking online, however the reputation, length of time that a flute maker has been in their craft and any obvious levels of pride they display in their work can certainly give you some insight into their quality!

Native American Flute Practicality:

What is Native American Flute Practicality? Simple. Simple is my definition of Native American Flute Practicality, meaning if the flute "simply" meets your needs, then it is what you need! Because of so much mass marketing in the "civilized" world, we have been taught to always want more than what we need. It took some time for me too, however the appreciation of a Natural and Authentic Native American Flute over the modern types is what a Native American Flute truly is. If you become a more advanced Native American Flute player, certainly it is understandable that you would want to evolve your flute playing abilities and find more advanced flutes to play.

Ease of Playing:

How easy a flute is to play is certainly a consideration for beginners. It is of course not easy to determine how easy a flute can be played by simply looking at it. For this reason, we have hundreds of demos, descriptions, how to's and even general videos on our YouTube Channel (and a few on this site) where you can see how easy it is to play our flutes. To find out if a certain flute will "fit your fingers", PLEASE download our printable size guide here. If you haven't seen our videos yet, please click the video link above or on any page, click the YouTube icon below to open a window while you browse our site. Of course, you can visit our YouTube Channel at any time by clicking on the link here: Blue Bear Flutes YouTube Channel.

This printable fingering guide will help in deciding which seize flute you can play or would be most convenient for your fingers!

Here are a few excellent products for beginners:

If you are wondering what "Key" or "Size" Native American Flute might be right for you watch this video

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