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Online Classes

If you have been wanting to learn more about the Native American Flute (aka Native American "Style" Flute), you have come to the right place! From this page, you can find classes taught by Charlie Mato-Toyela who has been playing the Native American Flute for most of his life! Having recorded many albums of flute music and having been featured on albums and in live performances around the world, he has not only a unique way of playing, but also a unique way of teaching that will enhance anyone's love and appreciation of the Native American Flute!

Feel free to download the class curriculum, tableture or anything here you can use!

The beginning to intermediate level classes are set up on a 12 week lesson plan, so you can begin at anytime, go at your own pace and refer back to specific lessons at anytime! The best advice I can offer is don't be in a hurry! Take your time and you will achieve your goals! For more information on the classes please download our curriculum.

I've been teaching these classes in person for the last 30+ years, on YouTube and Zoom for several years and now here absolutely FREE! Please check back as I add more each day!!!

There will also be a few FREE LIVE LESSONS posted here soon as well, so be sure to check back and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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