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If you have been wanting to learn more about the Native American Flute (aka Native American "Style" Flute), you have come to the right place! From this page, you can book classes taught by Charlie Mato-Toyela who has been playing the Native American Flute for most of his life! Having recorded many albums of flute music and having been featured on albums and in live performances around the world, he has not only a unique way of playing, but also a unique way of teaching that will enhance anyone's love and appreciation of the Native American Flute!

In the coming days, you will be able to download class curriculum info as well as additional help material from this page. Feel free to refer back to it at anytime!

Also, click on the link below to book our online classes and find the right day and time for your needs!


These beginning to intermediate level classes are on a rolling 3 month schedule, so you can begin at anytime, continue through your full 3 months and learn everything! For more information on this, download our curriculum.

**After you sign up for our Flute Playing Class Pricing Plan, please be sure that you are booked for each lesson you are wanting to take. You do not have to attend each lesson of the 3 month course, however it is highly encouraged! Our Online Classes are available currently on Fridays at 7pm Central time and Saturdays at 6pm Central time. Once you purchase the Pricing Plan, you can select either day/time each week! So if one day does not work for you one week, you can schedule the other day! It is important that at your earliest convenience each week you come to, login above and schedule that week's class! It is possible that the time/day slot you want might get filled up. If it does and you cannot attend the other available times, please send us a message. It is very important to schedule your current week's class at least 24 hours before class begins, otherwise you may not be able to get in. Lastly, it is absolutely not necessary to take more than one class per week, as they will be duplicates of each other. The cost is $69.95USD per month. If you have any questions, please feel free to message at anytime!

Class Files:

Instructional Information Below:

Aside from the live online classes above, we also have tons of videos on making and playing the Native American Flute. This beautifully haunting instrument is one of the easiest instruments in the whole world to learn how to play.

Today, the Native American Flute, specifically the North American Indian Flute, is being played along with orchestras, in rock bands, blues and jazz bands and even along with some of its "world instruments" cousins. People are using this flute for meditation, healing and even breathing therapy. With all of these people playing the flute, of course they each began learning in their own way at their own speed and likewise, we offer videos and instruction to help anyone at any skill level to learn to play the Native American Flute!

Below you will find a few of our videos on how to play the Native American Flute, and for more please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: BlueBearFlutes!

Here are a few of our helpful Native American Flute Playing Videos. Feel free to watch them if you do or do not take our Intensive Live Classes!

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