Blue Bear Flutes

Cardinal Whistle

Our Cardinal Whistle is made to specifically sound like a Cardinal or "Red Bird" and uses ancient designs as well as technology to do so! These whistles are made of poplar and are coated with a natural wax and mineral oil finish.

wooden cardinal whistle.jpg

Eagle Whistle

Similar to our Cardinal Whistles, Our Eagle Whistles are made to sound very much like many birds of prey. They are made to specifically sound like eagles and hawks, however with practice, they can sound like other birds of prey also!

new sm eagle whistle 2.jpg

Native American 5 Hole Flute

Our 5 Hole Native American Flutes follow a very long standing tradition. They are played today by beginners, novice and professionals around the world.

lot of flutes.jpg

Cherokee 4 Hole Whistle

A tradition passed down from my own grandfather, the Cherokee 4 Hole Whistle is something very dear to me. This whistle can do so much, words cannot do it justice!