Blue Bear Flutes

Traditionally Made 4 Hole Native American Flutes

The 4 Hole Native American Flute is one Native American Flute which has been around for a very long time! This instrument is quite likely the one which inspired our 5 and 6 hole Native American Flutes today. There have been 4 Hole Native American Flutes discovered which were created thousands of years earlier than all others available today, which means that they play a little differently than the others too! It is a very simple instrument to learn to play (there are only 4 holes ;) and the flutes we have to offer play the minor pentatonic scale very easily. Covering all holes/fingerings and blowing softly plays the base note of the scale, and similar to our other flutes, uncovering the holes one at a time from bottom to top plays the minor scale. Next, covering all holes and blowing a little faster will cause the flute to "jump octave" and play several of the next notes of the scale, too! A little practice is required to get the hang of it, however these are also a great type of Native American Flute for beginners! Please be sure to watch our video on how to play them and if you have any questions, message us anytime!