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 blue bear flutes

Blue Bear Flutes Native American Flute Making Instruction, Materials and Solutions

Native American Flute making "is not rocket science" (as I always say), however there are skills needed to make them well. We have countless videos on the subject of Native American Flute Making and after 31 years of making flutes I even wrote a book about it! You will find lots of helpful information in it as well as this site and our YouTube channel on making flutes and though it takes us a little time to answer them individually, feel free to message me with your flute making questions anytime! Below you will find several items both helpful to making your own Native American Flutes as well as great "example flutes" to use as a starter into the understanding of how they are made. We've thrown a few other items like our Blue Bear Flutes T-shirt to show your support as well as our amp if your first flute turns out to be a masterpiece and you want the world to hear it!

Be sure to check at the bottom of this page for additional information on flute making!

In addition to the information on our YouTube and the items we have for sale, here you will find additional info on how to make Native American Flutes. More coming soon!

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