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Blue Bear Flutes

Blue Bear Flutes

Traditionally Made 5 Hole Native American Flutes

Best 5 Hole native american flutes

These Traditionally Made 5 Hole Native American Flutes are the best! They have been made for thousands of years and are very easy to learn to play! If you are accustomed to playing the modern 6 hole flute, this instrument will be very simple to adapt to since they use the same fingerings! Of course Blue Bear Flutes' 5 hole flutes play the same amount of notes as any other 5 or 6 hole Native American flutes and are what I personally recommend for anyone wanting to play Native American Flute today! If you are a beginner Native American Flute player, this is great for you since you will be learning to play one of the easiest instruments in the world that is truly historically significant! A fingering chart is included with them and is also available for download from our "Info" page. If you are looking for a beautiful haunting sounding traditional flute which is very easy to play, look no further! Our 5 hole flutes are for you!

If you are looking for the note from a "modern 6 hole flute" which is covered most of the time, check out my video on how to play the traditional 5 hole flute like a modern 6 hole. If you are just beginning your flute journey and have any questions about 5 or 6 hole flutes, check out my video on that as well!

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