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"Earth Tone"
432 HZ

All of the Native American Flutes made at Blue Bear Flutes are "Earth-Toned"!


This is simple because, our instruments are made naturally with the utmost respect for the instrument, the environment, the Earth, and even for the Native American Flute Player-YOU!

Just as the BIRDS tune their songs around our shop and the FOXES and COYOTES sing at night protecting our works, Blue Bear Flutes play beautiful tones which the Earth loves! No 2 CARDINALS sound exactly the same and just because someone tries to convince you that the Earth "only likes" 432hz, doesn't mean you have to believe them!

After 33 years of Native American Flute making, I have seen a number of ways in which flute makers would try to set their flutes apart from others. Originally and historically, Native American Flutes were not tuned to specific European scales (Pythagorean scales) and they certainly weren't tuned to specific frequencies such as 440/432/528 (or any others). There was a time that Blue Bear Flutes only offered "naturally tuned" or "traditionally tuned" flutes. Because of the nature of such things, it is not possible to tune them to 432hz. ~Charlie

It has become increasingly more popular to have your custom musical instruments tuned to a different frequency than the norm. "The norm" in the old days (or the recent past) has been 440hz. This is something somewhat particular to the United States however in some cases it also depends on what type of instruments or music being played.

The "432hz" phenomenon is one which has its roots in old European music however these days it is being called the "Earth Tone" and is considered to be the 6th octave above the Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83hz. This is of course not the case as the 6th octave above 7.83hz is actually closer to 422hz not 432hz. Ironically, 6 octaves below 432hz is actually 8hz. Some people would make the argument that "what does 0.17hz make?" Of course on our human level of the cosmos it may not seem important however on Mother Nature's level or Planet Earth's level it is most likely a little different. To say the least, using a sound generator and playing the note A-432hz (the "Earth Tone") and the note A-422hz (6 octaves above the Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83hz) will produce a sound known in layman's terms as a Brown Note! Not pretty.

All this aside, how can you play in harmony with Nature? Here's the secret no one making a living off of 432hz wants you to know: You are always in harmony with Nature! If you play great - there will always be someone greater, if you play poorly - there will always be someone who plays more poorly! This is of course all open to speculation and truly, I believe that Mother Nature and Planet Earth both appreciate that you play the flute or music at all! If you are an experienced Native American Flute Player or one who is just starting out, I feel certain your playing is appreciated!

Because of the nature of a Native American Flute, it is somewhat unlikely that - even if it was tuned to 432hz by the original maker - that you or anybody can play one in such a way that it is playing A at exactly 432hz. If you could, only 5 Native American Flute scales even contain a note "A" and of those 5 flutes, how fun would it be to play only the "A" note and not the others? That's right... only the A note is actually 432hz!


It has always been my goal to help others begin an enjoyable journey into the Native American Flute and for that reason, I do not support the idea of 432hz, however I do not intend to disrespect those who do.

Please feel free to check out some of our videos on the subject below.

In this video, I demonstrate playing an A note on the same Native American Flute in 440hz, 528hz and 432hz. It is possible because of the air pressure I use to play the note. In other words, the player can actually change the frequency of the flute by blowing harder or softer.

This video shows some of the concepts of 432hz and how they may have come about.

Finally, this amazing video gives you the insight from an actual Native American's point of view (that is - if a Native American is allowed to have an opinion about Native American Flutes?!). Caution: comical satire ahead!

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