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Blue Bear Flutes
National Congress of the American Indian (NCAI) Indian Member

Blue Bear Flutes
Affordable Native American Flutes For Sale. Beginner Native American Flutes, Native American Flute Music, And Native American Flute Making Supplies Plus So Much More!

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Remember, this page also has some other important information on it as well!

If you are a beginner or have questions as to the right "size" or "tone" Native American Flute which is right for you, please visit our Beginners Page for more info!

ALL of our Native American Flutes are "Earth-Toned"
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Due to the overwhelming amount of requests for 432hz tuned instruments, we are temporarily offering our flutes tuned to 432/528 hz again.


We humbly ask that you read, study and learn more of the alternate tuning phenomenon from non-biased sources and consider other options. Please see my page about Earth Tone 432 HZ for more information.

For information on our shipping times, please see the Shipping Page for details.

The Best Quality and Value
Native American Flutes For Sale, Eagle Whistles and Flute Bags, Flute Amps And Accessories For Sale Online!
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Thank you for visiting Blue Bear Legendary Native American Flutes! We offer the Most Affordable, Authentic and the Best Native American Flutes for sale online! We specialize in Native American Flutes for Beginners, Intermediate as well as Advanced Flute Players! Our quality comes from handcrafting these wonderful instruments for over 35 years!

We ship globally! Be sure to check out our Cheap International Shipping!

Today, we also offer the option of making a Donation if you like what you see on our YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages. We offer free classes on flute making, flute playing and general info about Native American culture and especially that of the flute! Be sure to check us out and if you haven't seen what we've been doing for a while, please visit these pages for more! These days, we even have online subscription classes you can sign up for above!

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