Be sure to read the entire text here and watch our videos before you order yours!
This is it! This is exactly what you are looking for to give you that "echo" sound that everyone likes to hear (most other amps don't have this feature!) with your Native American Flute. You have a couple of choices here to pick from, so please read carefully and be sure to check out each of our videos on the amps and how they work as well as ask any questions you may have prior to ordering.
Small Blue, Red or Black Amp:
---(temporarily out of stock)---
This model is our newest small amp systems for the Native American Flute! This flute amp is small and light and sounds great! It comes in one of 3 colors: blue, red or black (currently color selection is not an option). I can't say it enough "ECHO, ECHO, ECHO"! These amps include the echo feature that we all love to hear with our flutes and other instruments. They are about 10watts and have a replaceable lithium battery which charges with a USB cable (included) plugged into a USB charger box (not included). Videos on how to use these amps are here
. This model includes a corded mic but does not have a remote control. This unit will play from the microphone, from bluetooth, an aux cable plugged into another device, or from a backing track on a USB or micro SD card, however it will not
 play from multiple sources at the same time. This means that you cannot play through the microphone along with your backing track. This unit lasts for about 2 to 4 hours of continued us after a 45 minute to 1 1/2 hour charge time! Update 8/14/19 -Temporarily Out Of Stock- They will return within just about a week!

The Blue Bear Original (Legacy Model) Amp

This is our older model amp for the Native American Flute. This type of flute amp includes
 the ability to use the echo feature while playing backing tracks from either an aux cable plugged into a device or USB/micro SD card. This unit does not have bluetooth as the other model does. It is about 15 watts and has a built-in replaceable lithium battery which charges with a supplied power cable (included) and adapter (U.S. version - if you live outside of the U.S. you may need a power adapter). This amp includes a corded microphone, wireless remote and a lot of excellent features for those who want to "take their show on the road". It is quite loud for its size and has a very long lasting battery. This unit lasts for about 4 to 6 hours of continued us after a 1 to 2 hour charge time!
Wireless Mic

Our wireless mics are 2.4ghz and have a great amount of range! About 150 feet! These mics have a volume control built in and connect to your device via 3.5mm or 1/8" plug. The mic consists of 2 main parts: the sending unit and the receiving unit. The sending unit has the mic on the end and receiving unit goes into your amp. There is a double usb charging wire included however you will need to supply your own usb power adapter (a cell phone charger or similar usually works great!). They require about 45 minutes charge time and last for almost 2 hours of continual use!
All of the amps we currently carry are compatable with our wireless mics.
Also, if you haven't yet feel free to subscribe to our website for the latest updates on any of our newest products as they become available!
If you have any questions about our amps, feel free to ask!
*We have replacement batteries for most of our amps. Please message us if you need one. They are super inexpensive and will help out when you need one!
**In some cases, we may have to substitute a different color amp for your order. Rest assured the color is the only difference and the amp works just the same!

Amplification systems

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