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Blue Bear Flute's Beginner 5 Hole Native American Flutes are excellent for: First Time Flute Players, Gifts, Intermediate Players, Experts, Classroom/School purposes, Players on a Budget, Performers, Recording Artists and Everyone interested in playing or learning to play the Native American Flute! This is a great quality Native American Flute! At 18 inches long (and 1 inch in diameter) they are perfectly travel sized! These beautifully hand crafted instruments are based on the original Cane Flutes made and played in the Americas for thousands of years. Blue Bear Flute's Beginner flutes are made of sustainably grown Hardwood Poplar and are stained with a naturally safe stain, then finished with our bee's wax and oil mixture the same as we finish our other flutes. They also include our "Bear Totem" made of the same wood unstained for a beautiful contrast! Like River Cane Flutes, these are made with an open-type mouthpiece which gives beginner as well as advanced flute players the ability to easily control the amount of air going through the flute. Just as the "old ones" played the cane flute with the mouth partially covering the opening of this flute type, all you have to do is place the flute over your top lip and rest the bottom of the mouthpiece on your bottom lip to allow as much or as little air to enter the flute as needed. This playing technique is similar to gently puckering your lips and is a very natural way to play the flute. In this way, you truly have control over the amount of air going through the flute and as professional flute players know, this is key to professional performance! Best of all, it takes no practice to master!

This flute type is "bored through" rather than made in two halves and in many ways resembles the "Old Style Cane Flutes"! They are beautiful and easy to maintain and come in the key of "High B" similarly to the historic flute which was copied to make them and have and amazing tone! These beautiful Native American Flutes are easily maintained with a simple rub down with either mineral or olive oil!

Many people (beginners and advanced flute players alike) ask which is better, a 4 hole, 5 hole or 6 hole flute? Or which type is more "traditional"? The truth is, they are all traditional to flute makers of the early Americas and each have very similar way of playing, however our Blue Bear Flutes 5 hole Native American Flutes are perfect for anyone as they can easily be played by seasoned flute players and anyone just starting out! There's no "hole to be covered by leather" and these flutes easily play all of the same notes as any other Native American Flutes! That's right! Our 5 hole flutes can play ALL

of the same notes as any other 6 hole flutes! With ease!!!

This instrument takes very little time to master and a beginner will be up and playing within just a few hours! Be sure to check out our video guides on how to play the Native American Flute on our Blue Bear Flutes YouTube channel! These flutes are all custom made to order and finished with our natural oil wax. Each include downloadable playing instructions and free domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info. Please message us if you need more info!

Beginner Native American Flute

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$110.00Sale Price

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