This is one of my favorite woods to make Native American Flutes out of because it is the most "mellow" sounding of all! Western Cedar Flues are also great Native American Flutes for beginners because the wood is so "forgiving" of the playing styles of new flute players. Keep in mind that our 5 hole flutes play all the same notes as any other 6 hole flutes! (lots of info about this on our 6 hole flute page!) These Native American Flutes come with optional tuning in the key of High Tone D, C, B and Mid Tone A, G, F# as well as Low Tone E, D, C, Low Bass B, Low Bass A or traditionally tuned (which basically means tuned by ear with no particular scale in mind - the same way the old ones did, and near the key of mid tone A). We also offer optional 432hz or 528hz tuning rather than 440hz for our keyed flutes upon request! (just leave a message in your order if you prefer other than concert tuned to 440hz) Low Bass B and A flutes are for advanced flute players and require more air, a larger stretch to acomodate fingerings as well as advanced breath control to play. These are super amazing sounding Native American Flutes! In an effort to keep everything natural, we offer a sunflower oil and beeswax finish on our flutes (more about our finish on our "INFO" page). Each include playing instructions and free domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info. Please message us if you need more info!
Click for sound sample:

$64.95 Key of High D

$69.95 Key of High C

$79.95 Key of High B
$89.95 Key of A
$99.95 Key of G
$110 Key of F#
$130 Key of E
$150 Key of D
$220 Key of Low C

$350 Bass low B

$450 Bass low A

Western Cedar Native American Flutes

  • Western Cedar is a great material for making flutes. It is a very soft wood which tends to be very mellow and smooth sounding and is easy to care for. These flutes are usually between 12 and 24 inches (30-60cm) long. Size is determined by the key of the flute ordered - smaller flutes are higher in tone and larger are lower. Don't forget to add a container of our Imitation Bear Fat/Flute Wax to care for your flute and a flute bag to help protect it from the elements! Also, check out our Info page for sound samples, fingering charts and other helpful information!