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This is one of my favorite woods to make Native American Flutes out of because it is the most "mellow" sounding of all! 5 Hole Western Cedar Flues are also great Native American Flutes for beginners because the wood is so "forgiving" of the playing styles of new flute players. These Native American Flutes come with optional tuning in the key of High Tone D, C, B and Mid Tone A, G, F# as well as Low Tone E, D, C, Low Bass B, Low Bass A.

Many people (beginners and advanced flute players alike) ask which is better, a 4 hole, 5 hole or 6 hole flute? Or which type is more "traditional"? The truth is, they are all traditional to flute makers of the early Americas and each have very similar way of playing, however our Blue Bear Flutes 5 hole Native American Flutes are perfect for anyone as they can easily be played by seasoned flute players and anyone just starting out! There's no "hole to be covered by leather" and these flutes easily play all of the same notes as any other Native American Flutes! That's right! Our 5 hole flutes can play ALL of the same notes as any other 6 hole flutes! With ease!!!
This instrument takes very little time to master and a beginner will be up and playing within just a few hours! Be sure to check out our video guides on how to play the Native American Flute on our Blue Bear Flutes YouTube channel!

Low Bass B and A flutes are for advanced flute players and require more air, a larger stretch to acomodate fingerings as well as advanced breath control to play. These flutes are all custom made to order and finished with our natural oil wax. Each include playing instructions and cheap domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info. Please message us if you need more info!
Click for sound sample:

$115 Key of High D

$120 Key of High C

$135 Key of High B
$165 Key of A
$200 Key of G
$215 Key of F#
$255 Key of Low E
$300 Key of Low D
$420 Key of Low C

$600 Bass low B

$750 Bass low A

Western Cedar Native American Flutes

PriceFrom $85.00
  • Western Cedar is a great material for making flutes. It is a very soft wood which tends to be very mellow and smooth sounding and is easy to care for. These flutes are usually between 12 and 24 inches (30-60cm) long. Size is determined by the key of the flute ordered - smaller flutes are higher in tone and larger are lower. Don't forget to add a container of our Imitation Bear Fat/Flute Wax to care for your flute and a flute bag to help protect it from the elements! Also, check out our Info page for sound samples, fingering charts and other helpful information!

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