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Many prefer the aroma and tone of our Ol-style Eastern Red Cedar 5-hole Native American Flute over all others. I personally love playing all of my cedar flutes because of their "feeling" in comparison to others. This particular style of flute has an "open mouthpiece", meaning there is no small hole to blow into, but rather a larger opening which is the same size as the interior of the flute, so rather than placing one's mouth around the flute to blow into it, much like a river cane flute you simply press your lips agains it and blow. This technique helps the flute to not "wet out" as many other flutes tend to do and gives the player much more control over the amount of air entering the flute. This flute also comes with a simple flat/standard block on top. You can purchase the totem of your choice separately from our totems page. Keep in mind that our 5 hole flutes play all the same notes as any other 6 hole flutes! (lots of info about this on our 6 hole flute page!)

This certainly one of the most magical flutes in my repertoire and sound incredible! This "Old-Style" flute only comes in the key of high B, exactly as the video shows although we also offer optional 432hz or 528hz tuning rather than 440hz for our keyed flutes upon request! (just leave a message in your order if you prefer other than 440hz) These flutes are all custom made to order and finished with our natural oil wax which helps preserve the flute and not hurt the sound like lacquers do. They can be maintained either by using our immitation bear fat or with mineral or olive oil! I also offer unlimited free playing instructions via youtube! This flute includes free domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info. Please message us if you need more info!

Old-Style Eastern Red Cedar 5-hole Native American Flute

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$69.95Sale Price
  • Eastern Red Cedar is sometimes called "Aromatic Cedar" because of its beautiful smell that it produces. This wood is a little harder than pine and has been used for flute making for thousands of years. Cedar is a very unique wood in that it produces tiny "crystals" when it has been cut and the inside of the wood is exposed to air. Likewise, it makes beautiful looking and sounding flutes! This flute is about 18 inches long. The size of the flute is roughly dictated by the tone - smaller flutes are higher in tone and larger are lower. Don't forget to add a container of our Imitation Bear Fat/Flute Wax to care for your flute and a flute bag to help protect it from the elements! Also, check out our Info page for sound samples, fingering charts and other helpful information!

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