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If you haven't seen my video about why I am offering Blue Bear Flute's Googol Native American Flute please be sure to see it HERE! This flute represents the culmination of my life's work as a flute maker. This flute is simple, sustainable and of the highest quality! These Googol Flutes are also in the minor pentatonic key/scale of "G"! The name of the flutes are representative of the number "googol" which is about how many of these I will have to provide to the world in order to outweigh the amount of "imported" Native American Flutes or similar sold as "Native American Flutes"!

The ability to offer a flute which is sustainable and affordable as well as of the highest quality has always been a dream of mine as a flute maker since the very first time I saw mass-produced (and imported) flutes being sold as "Native American" which not only completely misrepresented what a Native American Flute actually is, but also hurt so many small businesses and individuals in the process for financial gains.

Please watch my video about this wonderful instrument from the link above before deciding if this Native American Flute is right for you and feel free to ask any questions prior to purchase!

These beautiful Pine Googol Flutes are about 23 inches (about 58cm) long and almost 1 1/2 inches (about 36mm) in outside diameter! The simple block is tied on with a high-quality nylon based cord. These Pine Native American Flutes are very simple, with only a simple finish of a natural oil wax finish and are made of Pine grown right here in the USA - usually from the state I live in - Alabama!

My Googol Flutes are made right here in Alabama by a Native American Owned Workshop by me and my family!  Most people do not know it but pine makes a fantastic sounding instrument, and is also a traditional wood for Native American Flute making! These particular flutes are made in the modern way of drilling the flute out of a solid piece of wood and wooden plugs are added in afterward. You can even add a custom totem if you like, the choice is yours. These are super amazing sounding Native American Flutes! These flutes are all custom made to order. Each include downloadable playing instructions and free domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info. Please message us if you need more info!

Blue Bear Flute's Googol Native American Flute

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