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Lately, I have some friends ask why I don't join any flute forums or groups. Well, of course we have a group on Facebook of our own, however the truth is where would I find the time?!?!?! Hahaha, seriously the other main reason you may rarely (if ever) see me on any forums is that I like to keep my flute making as pure and my own as possible. It's been a long road and I even offer flutes tuned in 440, 432 and 528 hz these days, though all of my ways are ones I came up with over lots and lots of time. It's even hard for me to believe that I've been doing this since I was 15! In the early days, when one flute maker met another it seemed like all hell would break loose and these days, for the m

Our Signature Added To Each Flute

Well, we finally did it! We now burn our "Blue Bear" into each flute that it fits on. That means it wont be on the Little People Flutes for a while, though just about everything else made of wood gets one! Also, if you're wondering what that little design on his back is, it's a Cherokee Rose. I've been using that design for 30 years! About time!

Been a couple of days!

Wow! What a busy season we have been having! Not much time to comment on how things have been lately since we have been so busy. Today I finally added a few updates that have been pending and took that pesky note of off our book's page that said "they would ship after Christmas"! Can't believe I left that up for so long! It just goes to show if you miss one little thing! Hahaha! All is well and we will be making some very interesting new updates again soon. New products, more info and general great stuff all the way around! Take care everyone, ~Charlie

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