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Dusting off our "Watch our Progress" sign...

We often (regularly) post pictures of our flutes on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube), however it seems like I only update our website every so often! Well, that changes today! I am going to begin offering some of these amazing images of our wonderful flutes not only here on my blog, but also in various galleries on this site as well! I am reminded of this with the vast list of amazing videos we have planned for this year, but also as we push to become one of the most well seen Native American Flute Makers/Players on TikTok as well! I understand some do not like the app or platform, but I look at it as the Ocean... like it or not, it's still there, and can give as well as take from anyone it chooses. I consider myself quite conservative about a great many things, and likewise have done a bit of research about the company prior to jumping onboard. I am aware of a great many of their detriments, although there are benefits as well! Rest assured I have no intentions of allowing that ocean to sweep me away!


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