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Just a quick note...

Thank you all so very much for your support, patronage and kindness over the past several years. I have not forgotten about you all during my great many tasks and trials over the years, and wanted to take pause for a moment and tell you so. As the world undergoes its metamorphosis into its next stage, and while we all get swept along with it, I hope that you all take a moment to appreciate one another and remember the kindness necessary to be a powerful and compassionate being. There is much difficulty in the world and as we can, I believe that our approach to it and each other is so significant in our beings. I am not here preaching my support for any current, previous or future wars however I do wish us all strength for the internal battles which we all face in the hopes that we can remember to treat each other with kindness and compassion. Finally, there has been a great response to our "Black Friday Sale" (I really don't like calling it that) and I wanted to share with you a quick update with regards to next year. Changes in costs of shipping services have come about and although I have my theories as to why, the bottom line is that costs of shipping have basically gone up already - and in some cases exponentially. Unlike some couriers, I will not be raising my prices during the holiday season, but rather at the beginning of the year and only nominally at that. My business goals are not to "get rich quick" or take advantage of anyone. Those of you who have shopped around before making your purchases from me likely know that. I don't mind hard work and promise to make up for as much as I can on the "back end of things", such as running more sales, offering more free online content (videos/music/etc) and micromanaging our costs as not to bring your costs up. In closing, my family and I wish you Happy Holidays, ease in your struggles and hope where affecting the world positively comes in! Thanks again, Charlie and Family


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