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Lately, I have some friends ask why I don't join any flute forums or groups. Well, of course we have a group on Facebook of our own, however the truth is where would I find the time?!?!?! Hahaha, seriously the other main reason you may rarely (if ever) see me on any forums is that I like to keep my flute making as pure and my own as possible. It's been a long road and I even offer flutes tuned in 440, 432 and 528 hz these days, though all of my ways are ones I came up with over lots and lots of time. It's even hard for me to believe that I've been doing this since I was 15! In the early days, when one flute maker met another it seemed like all hell would break loose and these days, for the most part everyone gets along. I remember back in the day when I needed to make a flute in a specific key, I would rummage through my cane flutes that I had already made and check each of them for the correct key, then use it for a template to make another flute. Talk about one at a time! Fwew! Of course these days, I can see the dimensions of flutes in my sleep. I may not remember all of the numbers, though I can draw out a pattern for someone at will! In so many ways, I try to keep with the old ways of doing things. I use more powerful tools these days and make quite a few more flutes than I could have ever made before, and above all else there are 2 things that help me to keep this art alive and well: those who enjoy our flutes and the originality of what this beautiful instrument truly is. The Native American Flute is not a piece of furniture, it's not a status symbol, and it's not a key to fame and fortune... it's an old wooden tradition, and that's important too!