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Authentic Hand Crafted Works of Art

When someone buys from us, they are not only purchasing a hand-made item, but they are buying our time, our sweat and a part of our lives. For some items like you see in the picture here, it can take over an hour to carve out and fit just so to suit the needs of our customer. On occasion we receive custom requests outside of what we normally offer and from time to time we get a request from someone asking us to 'reduce the price' as a favor to them. Our prices are already some of the best you will find for one of a kind, hand crafted instruments anywhere on the web or otherwise. When someone asks us for a discount, it feels a little like a slap in the face. The thoughts of "Don't they know w

Bush Crafters Unite!

Blue Bear Flutes recently joined the Reddit platform and made our first post in Bushcraft! Check out the videos and follow the comments! Bushcraft Be sure to check it out! More Native American Flute videos coming soon!!!! ~Charlie

Blue Bear Flutes Amplifier

Returning after back-order for far too long is our Blue Bear Flutes Amp/Wireless Mic combo! If you are looking for a way to give your flute that sought-after "echo" sound, look no further! Our amps can make you sound like you are in a cave or a canyon with the twist of a knob. They are very easy to use and include simple instructions to explain their features. Our new digital wireless mics "make me sound better than I already do", as I have said many times! The wireless mics even have a range of up to 150 feet! Get your combo today!

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