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These Eagle Whistles are my favorite. They can sound like several different large birds of prey and have called them to our location even in the middle of town! They are INCREDIBLY LOUD so please use them carefully. Ear protection may be required. Over the years, we have offered different looking eagle whistles and these are made with the same "sound mechanism" as our previous models and are made a little more simple as to not distract from their design and to help keep them a little more original.  In an effort to keep everything natural, we offer a sunflower oil and beeswax finish on our Eagle Whistles (more about our finish on our "INFO" page). Be certain to watch our video on how to use the Eagle whistle on our VIDEO page above. Each include playing instructions and cheap domestic shipping within the USA and its territories as well as super inexpensive global shipping. See our shipping page for more info.

Small Cedar Eagle/Hawk Call

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  • Among the many types of animal calls which Native Americans used were Eagle Whistles. The original Eagle Whistle was made from a bird bone and made very specific types of sounds. This Eagle Whistle that we offer is a little different than these in that it is designed to sound very close to a hawk or an eagle depending on how it is used. Be certain to check out our video on how to use it!

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