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Busy Bees At Blue Bear Flutes!

Bees and Bears go together like peas and carrots, right (except maybe that the carrots don't usually eat the honey that the peas have made)?Well, we have been incredibly busy with orders here at Blue Bear Flutes lately and we thank all of you for your patience with us in receiving emails as well as the 1 or 2 orders which have gone a little past our preferred time frames! The good news is we finally move into the huge workshop at the beginning of the week and things will move much faster once we do! Lots of photos and new videos of the new shop to come in the upcoming weeks!

With regards to our Bees, we are finally in the process of making our own wax for our flutes! After bees in general have given so much to us (check out the ingredients in our flute wax, and remember where the first flute came from!) , we decided it is finally time to give them a home! They're working hard, and of course we wont have any honey or wax until next year. All I know is that they are gonna have to work hard to keep up with this bear's appetite for honey!

Everything aside, we have had a lot of things going on lately and have almost gotten our next 2 books ready for publishing, have a whole entourage of t-shirts about to come out and after almost 6 months since we have bought our new shop we are finally moving into it! Thank you all so very much for your video submissions, as I am told the compilation video is going to be astounding! I can't wait to watch it!